Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fresno / Central Valley (Behind Air, Soil, Water Pollution)

AIR, SOIL, WATER POLLUTION – Learn what your City, State, Government officials do not want the public to know about.

50+ year secret water diversion operation. Rebuilding cities on top of secretly-replaced water system (haphazardly clamped sewer/water lines.) Instead of permits or inspections for most of this, public records are simply altered to match the new layouts – aerial views altered – old books, directories reprinted. Structures are re-sold as “original” to unsuspecting buyers – they are held liable for the maintenance of this trash and all the accompanying code violations.

As this operation continues, so does the trail of illnesses, bacterial infections, respiratory, amputations, deaths. City of Fresno caught in action!!! They stopped to name-calling, perjury, Restraining Order, sexual harassment and death threats against me for exposing this operation.

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